We, the Anti Yuppie Kickball Guerilla Front, do advocate all ridiculous direct action and pranks persuant to the collapse of kickball for Young Professionals in the greater Washington, DC area. For too long have we sat idle while all the chumps, douche-bags, yuppies, and stripey-shirt imported assholes of this town coalesced their power under this banner. Already they make life in Our Great Capital barely tollerable and now through solidarity their ham-headed presence is flaunted like a fish smack to the face during any afternoon stroll. Like a sickening monochrome slime these homogonized social stamp-outs will spread influence through the Capital region until life here is indistinguishable from living inside a frat-house wrapped in Old Navy clothing all tucked inside a giant Walmart. But this wave breaks Now on the solid boots of The Front. Already our agents move unseen through cursed kickball leagues and our actions are the stuff of hushed whispers, nightmares.. and hopes. We reveal our presence now to educate, collaborate and recruit. Our numbers are vast. Our skills infinite. Our power cannot be contained.

Where do you stand?